UPDATED 9/7/2017

It’s important to note that we don’t currently measure active heart rate during activities. We also don't currently measure Blood Oxygen Saturation, HRV or Respiratory rate during a workout as those metrics are difficult to obtain when there is movement.

However, we do understand that Active HR is very important for many customers, and are excited to be approaching this in three phases:

Phase-I - We are building tight integration with third-party HR monitoring devices (e.g POLAR) to bring the Active-HR data into Biostrap App during a workout session. This integrated solution will be available by mid-September in our next iOS release. The user will have to purchase third-party device.

POLAR HR-Monitoring devices are extremely accurate and cost between $30-70 dollars. We have successfully tested with the following devices:

Polar H7
Polar H10
Wahoo Tickr
Adidas X_Cell

Phase-II - We will be releasing a version which will interface with the Phone-GPS. With that, we will be able to compute all the running parameters very accurately. That version is supposed to be available by the middle of October.

Phase-III - We are working on new hardware where we would have RED, IR and Green LEDs on the device. That will allow us to get the best of both the worlds.


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