It’s important to note that we don’t currently measure active heart rate during activities.

We also don't currently measure Blood Oxygen Saturation, HRV or Respiratory rate during a workout, as those metrics are difficult to obtain when there is movement.

However, we understand that active heart rate is very important for many customers!

The good news: we built a tight integration with third-party HR monitoring devices (e.g POLAR) to bring the Active-HR data into Biostrap App during a workout session.

This integrated solution came out for iOS in September 2017 and for Android in March 2018.

For this solution, the customer will have to purchase a third-party device. Please note that Biostrap will not reimburse the cost for an external HRM.

POLAR HR-Monitoring devices are extremely accurate and cost between $30-70. We have successfully tested with the following devices:

Polar H7
Polar H10
Polar OH1
Wahoo Tickr
Adidas X_Cell
Wahoo TickerFit


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