We sell the Total Health (wristband device and shoepod device) or the Biometric Set (wristband device only).

Both will include a standard wristband, charging dock and USB cord. The Total Health includes one shoeclip for the shoepod device.

You will still collect steps, monitor sleep, track heart rate, heart rate variability and oxygen saturation by wearing the wristband by itself 😀

However, the shoe pod is crucial for recording work outs with our activity classification feature - https://biostrap.com/activity-classification

Many customers only wear the wristband all day/to work, and put on the shoe pod before recording a workout.

With our wristband-shoeclip pairing, Biostrap provides comprehensive data unmatched by other wearable products on the market.

We can track reps, consistency and duration of any repetitive exercises from squats to swimming and everything in-between. I'd check this out for a preview of how the activity classification works (around the 0:20 mark): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaxBMFcvljw

Hope that helps! 

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