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Frequency of Automatic Biometric Recordings:

  • Normal Frequency - Normal frequency of automatically recording of the biometric reading is every 10 minutes. But users can choose an option “Increase Biometric Readings” to increase that frequency to every 5 minutes.
  • Firing of RED LED - RED Led is needed to measure blood oxygen saturation percentage (SPO2). In the normal operation, SPO2 readings are taken only during the sleep. But when “Increase Biometric Readings” option is chosen, SPO2 readings are taken all day long.
  • Motion Filtering - Before starting a automatic biometric recording, firmware will use the accelerometer data to access the amount of motion at that time.If it is above certain threshold, automatic reading is postponed by one minutes. And that process continues. In other words, Biostrap will attempt automatic biometric recording only when wristband is relatively motionless.
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