Sleep Lab is the most comprehensive sleeping tool yet, available through the Biostrap app as a subscription in both our iOS and Android apps!

Please note, the standard sleep functionality remains free. 

The new features that are part of the Sleep Lab subscription include:

  • Snoring level detection using your phone’s microphone 
  • Arm movement tracking 
  • Leg movement tracking (requires shoepod and ankle strap)
  • Beautiful Sleep PDF report you an send to your doctor (or keep for ourself)
  • Unlock even more biometric readings throughout the night - you can no take even more snapshots of your physiology every 2 minutes instead of 10 minutes. 

Sleep Lab sessions are started manually, and are not auto-detected.

Take charge of your sleep apnea, restless leg/arm syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder, and more!*

*Biostrap is not intended for diagnosing or treating medical conditions.

For information on how to subscribe to Sleep Lab, please refer to this article:

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