Your Biostrap heart rate monitor is a great tool to pair with the Biostrap app to see your active heart rate in the app!

Setting up your Biostrap Chest Strap

  1. Take the External heart rate monitor out of the packaging and connect the sensor to the band. 
  2. Put the sensor on. You can wear the sensor either on your skin or on the first layer of clothing. The sensor will sit just below your chest on your sternum. Putting the sensor on will active the pairing for it. 
  3. Go to the Biostrap app > go to the settings page > add the device. After pairing the chest strap you can record your workout. After your initial pairing with the Biostrap app, the chest monitor will connect when being worn and when in range of the phone. 

Click here to access the full user manual for the Biostrap HRM for device-specific details. 

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