We are super excited to share our 3.0.0 release with the Biostrap family!

Here are some new features and improvements to look out for:

  • Airplane Mode
  • Debut of the Recovery Score Detail Page
  • Active HR Displayed on the Dashboard (when using an external HRM)
  • Guided Cardio with Cardio Coach  (when using an external HRM)
  • Option to use Shoepod OR Wristband to record steps in a generic cardio activity
  • Profile Fields for VO2 Max and Max HR
  • Survey Feedback Displayed on Detail Pages
  • In-app option to refer a friend
  • Optimized Filtering on the exercise library list

Don't have 3.0.0 yet? Follow these steps to make sure you're on the latest version!

  1. Open the Biostrap app > Go to Settings > Scroll to bottom to check the version number
  2. If your phone didn't auto-update to 3.0.0, go to the respective app store to get the update.
  • iOS: Go to the App Store and click Update: https://biostrap.link/appstore
    (Note: It can take a few days for Apple to show the "update" button, but you can delete and reinstall if you don’t want to wait. Just make sure to sync all your data first!)  
  • Android: Go to the Play Store and click Update: https://biostrap.link/GooglePlay

Airplane Mode

To enable Airplane Mode, go to the Settings page. Underneath the sensor images, you will see a toggle switch for Airplane Mode. 

When you select this, your device/s will drop into Airplane Mode.

To take the devices out of Airplane Mode, place them back on your charging station then toggle the Airplane Mode setting off.

If Airplane Mode does not turn off, you will need to let the battery drain down before placing it on the charging station. The charging station may not recognize the sensor until the battery is below 90%.

Survey Feedback Displayed on Detail Pages

Survey feedback now gets added to the detail page once completed and the workout is processed. This should show up for sleep sessions and recorded activities.

Choose Primary Device to Record Steps during Generic Cardio Activity

When recording general cardio, the app will ask if you want to track the exercise with the wristband or the shoepod.

Guided Cardio

Cardio Coach will enable you to preset an ideal workout for endurance, interval training, fat burning, or custom workout when pairing Biostrap with an external heart rate monitor.

For use with cardio machines (Examples: Treadmill, Elliptical, etc)

The Cardio Coach will use your Max heart rate, current heart rate and cadence metrics to give you suggestions during the workout to stay within the parameters of that workout mode. 

Profile Fields for VO2 Max and Max HR

Max HR will get added automatically if you use an active HRM during workouts, and VO2 Max can be entered manually if you know this number.

These items will be used with the Cardio Coach feature to identify the current zone you are in. 

To view or edit:

Go to your profile icon > Edit Profile > Max HR and VO2 Max will show at the bottom of the page. 

  • Max Heart Rate will get added automatically if you use an active heart rate monitor during workouts. This is used to identify workout zones (fat burning zones, etc). You can override the number computed by Biostrap if needed.
  • VO2 Max can be entered manually if you know this number, also known as lactate threshold. Some trainers collect this data and when input in the app, can be used to modify the algorithm to better zone your workout. Learn more about this metric here: https://biostrap.com/blog/what-is-vo2-max/

Debut of the Recovery Score Detail Page

Similar to the sleep detail page, the Recovery Score icon will now take you to a recovery score detail page!

Here, you can see your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recovery score metrics and also see the contributing factors to your recovery score.

Active HR Displayed on the Dashboard (When HRM is Connected)

When wearing an active heart rate monitor, your current active heart rate will show overlaid on the resting heart rate tile.

Refer a Friend

On the Settings page near the Integrations option, you can now refer a friend to Biostrap!

Optimized Filtering on Exercise Library List

We included better filtering of trained exercises within the activity library to make it easier to find your favorite trained exercises.

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