The short answer is, no, Biostrap is not Amiigo 2.0.

Early 2016, Biostrap acquired an exclusive license to Amiigo’s core biometric and activity tracking technologies and has been working on a new product to deliver the next generation of health and fitness tracking with customer experience integrated right from the start.

Amiigo has recently evolved into Wavelet Health and is now focused on utilizing its multi-device framework and cloud technology to facilitate groundbreaking innovations in healthcare. Wavelet Health works with clinics, academia, pharmaceutical companies, insurance providers and other organizations in researching cardiology, oncology, sleep disorders and diseases spanning many other therapeutic areas. Read about it here:

Biostrap’s mission is to use personal health data to encourage positive behavioral changes benefitting the lives of its users. To provide the best health insights to customers, Biostrap is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Wavelet Health. The raw data collected from Biostrap’s multi-device platform will stream through Wavelet Health’s proprietary signal processing engine and machine learning algorithms to generate relevant insights for users. This same wearable sensor data and scientific library is used by clinicians at various academic organizations and has now been unlocked by Biostrap for consumers to use to better their health and quality of life.

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