Keeping your device's firmware updated is crucial to using your wristband and shoeclip! 

The Biostrap app will try to automatically upgrade the firmware on your devices, under following two scenarios:

  1. When logging into the app
  2. When adding a device to your profile 

In either of these scenarios, Biostrap will automatically take you to the following screen to update your firmware:

To start the firmware upgrade process, click the START button. From here, the upgrade will start and will show you the progress bar. 

When the upgrade process is completed, the following confirmation screen will be shown. To continue using the app, please click OK,

The same process applies to your wristband.

If you experience an error while upgrading the firmware, when you access the Account tab, devices with older version of firmware will have orange acclamation mark, as shown below. 

This detail-page for that device will have firmware UPDATE button, as shown below. Click on this UPDATE button to upgrade the firmware.

Getting an error while installing the latest firmware?

  • Click on the Account Tab
  • Click on the device-image to go to the device detail page.
  • Click on RESET button.
  • Try installing the firmware again after resetting is done. 
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