Your Biostrap band and shoe clip track all of your daily activity. 

The Wristband records your steps, sleep, calories burned, heart rate, and blood oxygen saturation among other metrics. 

The Shoeclip is useful for tracking activity and can be used in conjunction with the Wristband for full-body motion analysis.

This collected information will be available to you on your mobile device and a more detailed analysis will be relayed to your doctor and/or study coordinator. They will use this information to understand your body’s overall wellbeing.

Biostrap's clinical-grade PPG (or heart rate) sensors in the wristband captures a highly detailed view of your heartbeat waveform.

The metrics we currently show in our app are Blood Oxygen Saturation levels, Heart Rate Variability, Respiratory Rate and Resting Heart Rate.

Biostrap cannot only track the number of hours you sleep but also the amount of time you spent in different stages of sleep.

It will be able to tell you time segments where you were awake, in light sleep and in deep sleep, number of times woken up at night and time taken to fall asleep. We also measure your Resting Heart Rate during this time.

We do not detect or diagnose any diseases or illnesses. However, you can track changes to your Oxygen Saturation and Respiratory Rate.

You do not need your phone on you all the time, and can go one full day without having your phone nearby.

Once we detect your phone is nearby, we will sync up via Bluetooth LE and upload all your raw data to be processed by our servers. 

Note: sometimes syncing large amounts of data from the devices down to the phone can take a few minutes before you see it in the app. 

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