Keeping your Biostrap devices charged is easy! 🔋

Normally, it should take about 90 minutes to fully charge either of the devices.

For the best user experience, we strongly suggest keeping your battery above 20% at all times.

As a best practice, we recommend charging your device daily.

With normal usage, you can expect:
1-2 days from the wristband and
1-3 days from the shoepod

It is totally normal for the devices stop charging before reaching 100% battery, and settle between 90-99%. 

We have two kinds of chargers:

On either charger, just place your Biostrap wristband on top and see the color on the charger base change while charging!


  1. Using the provided charger base and USB cord, plug in the charger to a power source. The LEDs should light up white.
  2. Place the wristband in the longer slot, and the shoepod in the shorter slot.
    The wristband device can be charged while inside the strap, or by itself.
    The shoepod should have "Biostrap" facing up while charging.
  3. The white lights on the charger will turn orange next to each device when charging properly. Each LED will blink or remain white if not charging properly, or if the device is not placed properly.


If either device isn't charging, try unplugging and replugging the charger cord.

If the wristband isn't charging, try putting the shoepod device on the wristband slot of the charger base.

If the shoepod doesn't charge on the charger base either, reach out to us via chat or email and we'll send a replacement charger base.

Please assume that your device is fully charged in any of the following scenarios:

  • The app shows battery percentage as 100%, but the charger is still showing orange color LED
  • The LED on the charger changes color from orange to white, but the Biostrap app is showing the battery percentage as less than 100%.
  • The LED color on the charger is shown as orange, but the battery percentage shown in the app is not increasing

Contact support at if you are unable to properly charge your device while following these troubleshooting steps, and please include photos of how you are charging the device for the fastest support.

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