Signals which are used to compute the Oxygen Saturation Percentage are generally very weak. These signals can very easily get distorted under any of the following conditions:

  • When the wristband is not tight
  • When there is slight hand movement during the recording session.
  • When there is ambient light. 

If you make sure that your wristband is tight, you don’t move your hand during recording and that there is no (or very minimal) ambient light falling on the wristband, your chances of getting Oxygen Saturation Percentage will increase.

One way to make sure that the ambient light is not interfering with the recording is to cover your wristband with a towel or some other piece of cloth.

If you are unable to capture oxygen saturation data during a biometrics session, please take a look at your next sleep session.

If there is no SpO2 data from your sleep session, please email us at

If there is SpO2 data from your sleep session, the manual biometrics readings will work after a few tries. 

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