Your Biostrap dshboard shows a summary of Steps walked on the given day, a great data point to keep track of!


Percentage shown below the STEPS Tile is a “Percentage of Daily Steps Goal” achieved on the current day

Click anywhere on the “Steps” tile on the dashboard to view Steps Detail Page for that specific day, as shown below.

  • Height of the bar on the Bar chart shown on this page, indicates number of steps walked in any given hour on that day.
  • You can click on Week to view a “Steps Summary” for previous 7 days, as shown below.
  • Dotted horizontal line shown on week, month or year view indicates yours daily Goal

You can click on Month to view a “Steps Summary” for previous 30 days, as shown below.

If you scroll down, you would see the summary of various matrixes for the current-view.

In the screenshot shown below, it shows the summary of following matrixes for previous 30 days (month view). 

  • Calories Burnt
  • Average Walking Duration
  • Average Distance Walked
  • Average Steps Walked
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