Can an activity be recorded without the Activity Pod

Can an activity be recorded without the Activity Pod

Yes, any activities may be recorded with just the wristband, but we recommend also using one of our external heart rate monitors — the Arm Band or the Chest Strap — for accurate caloric expenditure calculations.

To have GPS tracking for your activity, such as running or cycling, make sure to wear the wristband and have your Location Services enabled for the Biostrap app.

The activity pod has a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, so it can track movement. For example, if you are an avid cyclist, this is a great opportunity to track your cadence. Biostrap will calculate your average revolutions a minute and also the total revolutions of your recording.

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    • How is the Activity Score calculated?

      Your Activity Score is calculated based on recorded workouts and steps If you do not record a workout for a day, it will be based on steps only (as shown in the screenshot below). To achieve an Activity Score of 100: There has to be 12 hours of the ...
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    • How do I reset my shoepod device?

      To reset your Activity Pod device, please go to: Settings > click Activity Pod icon > Device Settings > Click Reset