Does Biostrap take daytime readings?

Does Biostrap take daytime readings?

Biostrap does take daytime readings, but the user will see very few daytime biometrics, if any, depending on environmental factors and their normal daily movement.

Our clinical-quality PPG sensor uses Red and Infrared LEDs, which allow us to penetrate much deeper into the tissue to get a very high-definition pulse waveform. These allow us to perform an in-depth analysis of the pulse!

However, it is almost impossible to get a good signal quality from this kind of sensor when you are moving or during high levels of light exposure.

The app can be set to attempt biometric readings every 10 minutes or every 5 minutes, but the frequency or timing of these can not be guaranteed.

We do sell two heart rate monitors (that use Green LEDs) that let you see your real-time heart rate and heart rate variability within the app!

TIP: You can always take a manual biometrics reading for a snapshot of your biometric data at any time throughout the day!

The most important data Biostrap collects is during your sleep, so please reach out to if you are not getting biometric data during your sleep session.

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