Does Biostrap track active heart rate?

Does Biostrap track active heart rate?

Short answer is: YES, you can see active HR in the Biostrap app with an external heart rate monitor!

With the wristband device by itself, it’s important to note that we don’t currently take continuous or real-time measurements - including measuring active heart rate during exercise.

We also don't currently measure Blood Oxygen Saturation, HRV or Respiratory Rate during a workout as those metrics are difficult to obtain when there is movement.

We are excited to let you know that we sell Biostrap Heart Rate Monitors so you can see active heart rate in the Biostrap app during a workout session.

You can get the Biostrap HRMs here:

Outside of our own HRM devices, we have successfully tested with the following devices:

  • Polar H7

  • Polar H10

  • Polar OH1

  • Rhythm+

  • Wahoo Tickr

  • Adidas X_Cell

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    • Why can't Biostrap currently track active heart rate?

      Biostrap utilizes a clinical-quality PPG sensor with RED and InfraRed LEDs, whereas FitBit (and most of the other wearables) use GREEN LEDS. Red & IR are capable of penetrating much deeper into the tissue which helps us get very high-definition pulse ...
    • How do I pair my external heart rate monitor (HRM) to Biostrap for active heart rate?

      We're super excited to have this integrated solution for active heart rate! We released this for iOS in September 2017, and released it for Android in March 2018. We have successfully tested with the following devices: Polar H7 Polar H10 Polar OH1 ...
    • How can Biostrap track or recognize any exercise or activity?

      Biostrap can be made to learn any repetitious activity. With our wristband-shoeclip pairing, Biostrap provides comprehensive data unmatched by other wearable products on the market. We monitor heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, ...
    • What do the Biostrap wristband and activity pod track?

      Your Biostrap wristband and activity pod can track your daily biometrics and activities. The Wristband records your steps, sleep, calories burned, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate and blood oxygen saturation. Biostrap's ...
    • How can Biostrap measure respiratory rate?

      With our clinical-grade wristband device, Biostrap can measure respiratory rate with an algorithm combining the following:  Changes in amplitude of the PPG signal: As someone inhales and exhales, we review the signal changes Heart Rate Variability: ...