How do I add new exercises to my Exercise Library?

How do I add new exercises to my Exercise Library?

Currently, there is no limit to how many exercises you can add and train within our app!

The more exercises you have, the longer time it may take our activity engine to classify and track your workouts.

Settings > Exercise Library > + icon on top right

  1. Go to Account tab.

  1. Click on My Exercise Library menu-item.

  1. Click on ADD NEW button

  1. You will be navigated to the following add exercise screen.

  1. You can select an exercise name from the predefined drop-down list or enter a new exercise name.

  1. Please select the Equipment from the predefined drop-down list. Or you can type it. 

  1. Enter the exercise Variation from the predefined drop-down list. Or you can type it in.

  1. Muscle Group will be automatically selected, if you had chosen the exercise-name from the predefined drop-down list. Otherwise you must select one or more muscle groups from the multi-selection drop-down list.

  1. Click on CREATE EXERCISE button.

  1. If you ready to train this newly created exercise you can click on TRAIN NOW button.

  1. If you wish to train this newly created exercise later, click on TRAIN LATER button

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