How do I pair my external heart rate monitor (HRM) to Biostrap for active heart rate?

How do I pair my external heart rate monitor (HRM) to Biostrap for active heart rate?

We're super excited to have this integrated solution for active heart rate! We released this for iOS in September 2017, and released it for Android in March 2018.

We have successfully tested with the following devices:

Polar H7
Polar H10
Polar OH1
Wahoo Tickr
Adidas X_Cell

Setting up your external HR Monitor works the same way you would add your wristband or shoe-pod.

  1. Go to the Account tab
  2. Click Add Devices
  3. Make sure your HR Monitor is turned on and within range
  4. The HR Monitor should show up in the list of devices discovered
  5. Click the HRM to add


  • It is VERY important that phone is nearby and the HRM stays connected with Biostrap during the entire workout session
  • Some heart rate monitors have to be put on first, before turning on 

From here, you will be able to see your active heart rate in the Biostrap app while recording an exercise.

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