How does Biostrap compare to other wearable devices?

How does Biostrap compare to other wearable devices?

Most of the wearable devices in the market today are pedometers with some basic sleep analysis and heart rate tracking.

Our goal with Biostrap is to be an overall health platform that provides deep insights into your health, and goes beyond just counting steps taken.

Biostrap provides advanced biometrics, activity classification and sleep stage analysis.

  1. Advanced Biometrics: A lot of information is encoded in your pulse waveform. We take a high-definition snapshot of biometric data such as Resting Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Oxygen Saturation and Respiratory Rate.

  2. Sleep Stage Analysis: Understand how well you slept! Our advanced sleep tracking tells you how long you slept and in which stages of sleep - matched up with your biometric recordings throughout the night.

    a. Sleep Lab - Our optional subscription-based module allows you to take even more biometrics during sleep, track arm and leg movement, record snoring, and displays your sleep report in a PDF document.

  3. Activity Classification: We can classify 20+ activities. You can use our platform for fitness to track reps and sets in the gym as well as for cycling or running.

  4. Full Body Tracking: Again, this is unique to us. While wristbands can only track your upper body movements, we also use a shoe clip which helps us know about your full body movements.

When comparing to other devices, it's important to compare the features you're looking for.

Biostrap will not notify you of text messages or the weather, but we provide biometric data appreciated by doctors and fitness professionals alike!

Feel free to check out our latest comparison chart to see how we stack up against others on the market:

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