How does Biostrap track sleep?

How does Biostrap track sleep?

Biostrap tracks sleep in two ways:

  1. With our standard auto-sleep detection.
  2. With our optional sleep subscription feature, Sleep Lab.

With our standard sleep tracking, Biostrap auto-detects sleep data and displays:

  • Sleep Score -  The quality of today‚Äôs sleep session with respect to the quality of your sleep sessions over the last 3 to 30 days
  • Sleep Stages Graph (awake, light, deep)
  • Graph of disturbances (none, mild, moderate, severe)
  • List of Time spent in Bed, Awake, Light Sleep, Deep Sleep
  • Number of awakenings
  • Display of sleep onset and wakeup time
  • Daily View: Biometrics graphs showing Resting HR, SpO2, HRV, Respiratory Rate for that sleep session
  • Weekly, Monthly, Annual views: Graphs of Movement Trends (none, mild, moderate, severe), SpO2 Trends (good, fair, low, poor)

With the Sleep Lab subscription, Biostrap provides a more comprehensive sleep analysis with features such as:

Sleep Accounting

Circadian Score

More frequent biometric recordings (every 2 minutes)

Contributing factors and penalties that impacted the sleep score

Arm and leg disturbances as well as snoring level recordings

Here are some screenshots of an example sleep session!

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