How to Enter Weight while recording a Gym Exercise

How to Enter Weight while recording a Gym Exercise

How to Enter Weights during the Gym Workout:

  1. Click on the Record Tab. You will navigate to the Record Tab.
  2. Click on START button next to Workout to start the workout session.
  3. If you have External HRM (Heart-Rate Monitor) device attached with the Biostrap:
    1. The App will show a page as shown in the screenshot-2. This page has two tabs, HR Tracker and Weight Lifting Tracker.
    2. HR Tracker - This tab will show the actual Heart-Rate Graph, the data coming from your External HRM device
    3. Weight Lifting Tracker - This is where you enter weights. After finishing a set you can enter the weight you used for your previous set, either by clicking on Enter Manually link OR clicking on microphone image and saying the weight verbally.

With an HRM:

  1. If External HRM (Heart-Rate Monitor) device is NOT attached with the Biostrap:
  2. The App will show a page as shown in the following screenshot, where you can enter the weights.

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