How To Subscribe to Sleep Lab

How To Subscribe to Sleep Lab

Get even more comprehensive insights into your sleep with the Biostrap Sleep Lab!

Sleep Lab is available as a subscription in the Biostrap app for Android and iOS.

To Subscribe:

  1. Go to the Settings Page
  2. Click on Market Place icon located at upper right of the Settings page (see circled icon below)
  3. You will be navigated to the following page.

  1. On this Marketplace page, click on “Start Trial” button for the “Sleep Lab”.
  2. Please follow the instructions on the following page.

  1. Please click on the “Month”, “6 Months”, OR “12 Months” subscription button, as desired.
  2. You will be navigated to the following page.
  3. Please click on “Subscribe” button on the following page.

IMPORTANT - It may take several seconds to go through the subscription process.

Please do not touch any other key until subscription process is complete.

  1. Once subscription process is completed, you will be navigated to the next page.

Please note that on the Marketplace page, now says “ACTIVE” for the “Sleep Lab”.

That indicates that subscription to the “Sleep Lab” was successful.

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