How to use Airplane Mode

How to use Airplane Mode

Biostrap's Airplane Mode allows users to collect their biometric data, but without the data being constantly synced to their phone.

To Enable Airplane Mode

  1. Go to the Settings page 
  2. Toggle the Airplane Mode button under the sensor images to enable Airplane Mode
  3. The green toggle confirms your devices are in airplane mode

To Disable Airplane Mode

PLEASE NOTE: Airplane mode can't be disabled if the devices are fully charged. The battery will need to be below 90%

  1. When you are ready to sync your data,
    a) Place the devices on the charger, OR
    b) Take the device off, put it down for 3 seconds, shake the device for 5 seconds, and then put it down again for 3 seconds.
  2. Once the device is detected by the app, a pop-up will appear, so select Disable Airplane Mode, or toggle Airplane Mode off.
  3. Let the data sync while the device is still sitting on the charger
  4. Once the data is fully synced, you can re-activate Airplane Mode before wearing it again 

If you are not able to get your device out of airplane mode

  1. Do NOT reinstall the app
  2. Make sure that your device is not fully charged
  3.  If devices are fully charged, you will have to keep the device off the charger for a couple of hours to partially drain the battery
  4. Then, place it on the charger to disable
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