The firmware update failed

The firmware update failed

Firmware updates are important for the best experience with the Biostrap hardware and the app. 

If the new firmware update is failing, please try to reset the wristband device several times: 

  • Click on the Settings tab
  • Click on the wristband icon
  • Click on the RESET button.
  • Retry to install the firmware update

Make sure to keep your devices close to your phone and most importantly, keep the app open during the firmware update.

Please do not leave the app (or press the home button) during the update.

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    • How do I update my firmware?

      To update the firmware on your wristband device, please: Go to Settings in the Biostrap app Click the Wristband icon block   Click Update It should look like this! ?
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      The wristband is made of liquid silicone rubber.  The lenses of the wristband should be cleaned periodically. a simple wipe with a damp cloth is sufficient to clean both devices. Do not use alcohol, harsh chemicals, or solvents on the device. The ...
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      Keeping your Biostrap devices charged is easy!  We recommend charging your device daily and keeping your battery above 20% at all times. You can always check the battery status of your devices in on the Settings page in the Biostrap app. With normal ...
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      No, you don't need your phone on you all the time to collect data from your Biostrap! You can go a full day without having your phone nearby to sync the data. Once we detect your phone is nearby, we will sync up via Bluetooth LE and upload all your ...
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      Biostrap can sync data while the app is in the background, but Android has a few requirements for that to happen.  Android MUST allow Biostrap to run in the Background Android MUST not put the Biostrap App to “sleep mode” while it is running in the ...