What does the shoepod look like to wear?

What does the shoepod look like to wear?

The shoepod will look like this on your laced shoes!

Make sure the indentations in the device pebble match the indentations in the clip for a secure lock.

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    • Do I have to wear the shoepod?

      While the Biostrap wristband collects all biometric data, wearing the shoepod provides a few additional benefits. It is optional, but encouraged! Uses for the Shoepod: Activity Classification - The shoepod is crucial for recording workouts with our ...
    • How do I wear my Biostrap EVO?

      1. The Biostrap EVO device is NOT waterproof. It can withstand small splashes, but DO NOT submerge it in water or use it in a sauna. 3. While inserting the biosensor inside the band socket, make sure the notch on the biosensor is facing upward and ...
    • How do I wear the Biostrap EVO Strap 2.0?

      The Strap 2.0 can be worn however is most comfortable for you, as long as you wear it the same way every time! This is especially important for recording workouts. There are two styles of pegs in the Strap 2.0: Version 1: smaller bulb part, pops back ...
    • My wristband or shoepod is not getting connected

      Having trouble connecting? Try these steps below! Android users: Make sure to turn Location Services ON before attempting to connect your devices Charge the Device Place the device on the charger base Wait for few minutes until you see the battery is ...
    • How do I update my firmware?

      To update the firmware on your wristband device, please: Go to Settings in the Biostrap app Click the Wristband icon block   Click Update It should look like this! ?