What is the difference between the different sets?

What is the difference between the different sets?

There 3 different sets
Biostrap EVO: EVO biosensor, a black pin-clasp wristband, a single slot charger, a one meter USB cable & a quickstart guide. Best for Sleep, Recovery and Meditation tracking.

Biostrap Move: EVO Biosensor, a black pin-clasp wristband, a single slot charger, one meter USB cable, Activity Pod, shoe clip, ankle strap & quickstart guide.

Best for Sleep and Recovery Tracking and daytime tracking of steps and movement.

Biostrap Active: EVO Biosensor, a black pin-clasp wristband, a single slot charger, one meter USB cable, activity pod, shoe clip, ankle strap, your choice of a Heart Rate Monitor (Chest Strap or Arm Band) & quickstart guide.

Best for Sleep, Recovery and Workout tracking.

The chest strap or arm band heart rate monitor included with the Biostrap Active set allows you to see your active heart rate and heart rate variability in the Biostrap app and track exercise zones by heart rate progression during a workout.

The Biostrap biosensor with the wristband alone collects biometric data including resting heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation. It's best to use for monitoring sleep, recording a meditation as well as recording an on-demand biometric report such as the 2- or 5-minute Pulse Report.

The Activity Pod further enhances the experience in a few ways: 

  • Activity Classification - The Activity Pod is crucial for recording workouts with our activity classification feature - https://biostrap.com/activity-classification
  • Sleep Lab - Using the Activity Pod and the ankle strap, you can monitor leg movements during sleep with our optional Sleep Lab subscription - https://biostrap.com/sleep-lab/
  • Step Counting - We recommend choosing the option to use the Activity Pod for counting steps, as it does a better job of counting passive steps than the wristband on its own.
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