What size is the wristband?

What size is the wristband?

Our standard wristband circumference ranges from 4.72-7.87" long and 3/4" wide.

The Strap 2.0 is about 9.5" long total, and can buckle in a range from 6.75-8.75": https://shop.biostrap.com/products/strap2-0

For our friends outside of the USA, this is about:

  • Standard wristband: 119.88mm-199.898mm long and 19.05mm wide

  • Strap 2.0: 241.3mm long, can buckle in a range of 171.45-171.45mm

The sensor in the wristband is about 3/4" wide wearing on top the wrist (when looking at it like a watch).

The height of the sensor from the wrist is about 1/2".

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