When your HRM is charging:

  • Green and Red flashes alternatively – Indicates device is charging
  • Solid green LED - Indicates the unit is fully charged

Pressing the power button:

  • Red LED blinking - Indicates low battery, needs charging
  • Blue LED blinking - Indicates the device is ready to be discovered and connected

The blue LED blinking has the following two scenarios:

  • If the HRM device NOT worn – The Blue light will stop blinking after 150 seconds, and the unit will be turned off automatically.
  • If the HRM device is worn – The Blue LED light will stop blinking after 10 seconds if the heart rate has been detected. The unit will still be powered on and recording real-time HR and HRV.

When you take off the HRM device while it's still powered on, it will turn off automatically in 150 seconds.