With one of our external heart rate monitoring (Arm Band or Chest Strap), you will be able to see real-time HRV and record your active heart rate as well as exercise zones.

Plus, during an indoor cardio activity, such as Cycling, Treadmill, Elliptical or a Stair-stepper, you can also take advantage of the Cardio Coach feature which will help you maintain a pace to achieve your desired workout goal whether it's cardio, fat burning or intense training.

If you are recording a gym workout, you will need both the wristband and the Activity Pod. During the recording of the gym workout, Biostrap will attempt to classify the exercises performed (once you train them), compute velocity and consistency.

If you want to record your cadence during a Cycling, Running, Elliptical or a Stair-stepper activity, you will need to wear the Activity Pod to capture that necessary data.

If you are recording outdoor running OR any other cardio activity, you can either use the wristband OR the Activity Pod.