The Biostrap Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor tracks real-time heart rate and heart rate variability allowing you to follow your heart rate progression by exercise zone during a workout. 

This will give you data backing up how intense your workouts are and accurately measure caloric expenditure. And, this also gives you an opportunity to structure your workouts more effectively based on your goals. 

We calculate five zones that are individualized based on your resting heart rate and estimated or calculated maximum heart rate:

1. warm-up

2. fat burning

3. cardio

4. hardcore training

5. maximum effort.

How to set up and record your workout using your Biostrap Chest Strap

  1. Before using the chest strap for the first time, make sure a coin battery is inside. These batteries have a life of around 300 hours, but you can always keep track of it in your Biostrap app. It’s not a rechargeable device, so make sure to have batteries at hand when you see it running low.
  2. There’s no button, so you won’t have to turn anything on and off. To begin, attach the heart rate sensor to the chest strap, marked 'L' towards Left, ‘R’ towards right.
  3. Adjust the length of the chest strap so that it can be fastened tightly but comfortably to your body. Be sure that the electrode areas are firmly against your skin and the sensor is in central position.
  4. It will automatically detect your heart rate and when it does, you’ll hear it beep twice and the circle will blink green. If you are having difficulty pairing, please wet the inside of the chest strap to improve the conductivity.
  5. Make sure to have the heart rate monitor on while pairing it with your Biostrap app. If you aren't wearing the heart rate monitor, it will be in sleep mode and the Biostrap app will not find it.
  6. To pair it with your Biostrap app, select "Settings" at the bottom of the main dashboard > Select Add device > Tap Locate Device.
  7. As it pairs, the blue light will start to flash on the chest strap. You’ll hear the chest strap beep twice again indicating that pairing was successful.
  8. Going back to the main dashboard, you’ll see your active heart rate and active heart rate variability show up.
  9. When you start recording your workout, you’ll see a graph decrease and increase based on your heart rate progression.
  10. When you’re done, just unclip the strap, take it off and you’ll hear it beep once as it turns off automatically.

After your initial pairing with the Biostrap app, the chest monitor will connect when being worn and when in range of the phone. Then, record your workout!

Click here to access the full user manual for the Biostrap Chest Strap HRM for device-specific details.