Sleep Lab is here!

With our new, optional subscription, you can record:

  • Snoring Levels - uses your phone's microphone 
  • Arm Movement - with the wristband device
  • Leg Movement - activity pod and ankle strap required to detect
  • Max Biometrics - readings every 2 minutes

You will also get a beautiful PDF report of your sleep to share with your doctor or loved ones!

After your subscription has been activated, you will see the following options on the Record page:

You must select which options you want for the recording, then MANUALLY start and stop the Sleep Lab session.

The completed session will show you disturbances for snoring, arm movement, and leg movement

To access your PDF report, click the three dots on the top right

From there, you will confirm the email address the report will be sent to.

Want to see a sample PDF report? Reach out to us via chat!