How to wear your devices

  • Data collected from both wristband and shoe-pod is directional. Therefore, you MUST wear both wristband and show-pod EXACTLY the same way you wore when when you trained your exercises.
  • Wristband - Same Arm and same orientation.
  • Activity Pod - Same leg and same orientation (make sure the BIOSTRAP name written on the shoe-pod is toward the toe).


  • You would be required to perform 12 clean reps of the each exercises to train an exercise. Therefore, it is important that you train with moderate weight so that you can maintain perfect form during all the 12 reps.

To get Exact Rep Count - 

  • Starting and Ending a Rep - Make sure that when you start a set you get to the starting position, wait for couple of seconds and then start your set. After performing last Rep, go back to the initial position, wait for few seconds before returning the weight to the rack. That will ensure that you performed the first and the last rep correctly. 
  • Inter Rep Gap - If you are performing same exercise again, please wait for at least 10 seconds between two set. Otherwise Biostrap will combine two sets into single sets with twice as many reps.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Movement - Any kind of unnecessary movement during the workout will cause devices to generate spurious data which will confuse the classifier engine.

For Example:  

  • While performing tricep extension using cable-machine, make sure you don’t move your legs until you are done with your set.
  • While starting a bench-press, don’t tap your foot. 
  • While performing dumbbell curls with one hand, make sure other hand is not moving in rhythm.
  • Exercising with Heavy Weight - We all know that the form will change slightly when exercising with the heavier weight. One way to overcome this issue id to train two exercises, one with medium weight and other with heavy weight.

e.g. - Create two exercises “Bicep Curls with Dumbell” and “Bicep Curls (Heavy) with Dumbbell” and train these two exercises accordingly.

  • Trained Cardio Exercises - If you are performing trained cardio exercises, e.g. Trampoline, rope-skipping, etc., make sure you perform these exercises EXACTLY the way it was trained during first 90 seconds. After that certain variations would be tolerated and still be classified correctly by Biostrap, 
  • Training Cardio Machine - Biostrap will automatically recognize (without having to train them)  following standard cardio exercises.

Elliptical, Rowing, Stair Stepper, Cycling (indoor or outdoor).

But if Biostrap fails to automatically recognize any of these machines (because it is not a standard machine), you can create that exercise name with type as cardio (as shown below) and train it.