Biostrap can auto-detect sleep, and identify when you are in different sleep stages (awake, light, deep).

How sleep stages are detected?

Clinical polysomnograms were used as the reference data to train our sleep stage detection algorithm. The algorithm primarily uses the amount of motion to detect the sleep stages. The sleep staging algorithm then processes the motion data every one minute to detect the sleep stages.

How long before Biostrap can automatically detect a sleep session?

At least 60 minutes of sleep (light and deep stages) within 90 minutes.

How long before Sleep Stages are displayed on the dashboard?

In most cases, within 15 minutes after the sleep-end has been detected the sleep stages are displayed on the dashboard.

How does Biostrap know when I have woken up?

The device knows you are not asleep any longer when:

A. you open the app (and the app connects to the device)
B. record a biometrics or workout session
C. you take off the wristband
D. the device senses enough motion for 40 minutes to know you have woken up

Why don't auto-detected sleep sessions show the sleep latency metric?

The algorithm finds when you fell asleep, but cannot detect when you went to bed, so it cannot calculate the sleep latency as it can when manually recording sleep.