1. The Wristband is NOT waterproof. It can withstand small splashes, but DO NOT submerge it in water or use it in a sauna.

3. While inserting the biosensor inside the band socket, make sure the notch on the biosensor is facing upward and matches the notch on the band socket. See photo: 

Recording On-Demand Biometrics or a Sleep Session

  1. For recording on-demand biometrics (2- or 5-minutes Pulse Report) or a sleep session, you need to wear the wristband only.
  2. You can wear the wristband on either hands.
  3. You must make sure that band is tightly snugged on your wrist such that there is no gap between the wristband biosensor (located underneath the band) and your wrist.

Activity Pod

Some important things to note about wearing your Activity Pod:

  1. The Activity Pod is NOT waterproof, it is only splash-proof. This means it's okay to get caught in the rain with it, but DO NOT submerge it in water. 
  2. The Activity Pod is needed ONLY when you are recording a workout session, if you want to track your daily steps or if you have Sleep Lab subscription and want to track leg movement during sleep.
  3. The Activity Pod is directional, must wear in particular fashion every time (see image with green circles) Place the shoe clip harness beneath max a couple of rows of laces so the single bar is visible as shown below.

Position the Activity Pod so the BIOSTRAP logo faces away from you. Press it into place until it snaps firmly in place. Tug on the pod to make sure it is secure in the clip. It should be difficult to remove. 

It does not matter what side you put the Activity Pod on, as long as you are consistent every time you wear it.

This is especially important for activity classification and training new activities.

Recording a Workout Session

  1. You MUST wear both the devices to record your workout.
  2. You must make sure that you wear both the devices in the same way as when you trained the gym exercise. Any variation (example: changing the side you wear the wristband) would result in misclassification of the exercise.
  3. While recording the exercise, it is OK to wear wristband little loose. It does not have to be snugged tightly.