After you end your workout, your workout-data gets analyzed by the server and the result of your workout will appear in the dash board, as shown below.

  • To look at the of your workout, click on the workout-area on the dashboard.
  • If you have multiple workout or cardio sessions, you will be taken to an intermediate workout detail page, as shown below.

You can click on any one of the summary lines to open the detail page for that workout session.

  • Indoor Cycling Detail Page
  • Elliptical Detail Page
  • Stair Stepper Detail Page
  • Gym Workout Detail Page
  • All the gym-exercises which were trained, will be properly classified, and shown on this screen. This screen also shown the number of reps and consistency between various reps in a given set.
  • Bar graph on the stop shows the number of reps performed for each of the exercises.
  • Distance between the vertical bars shows number of minutes between the two set.
  1. If you scroll down, you will see weekly, monthly, and yearly summary of your workout, as shown below.