One of the biggest differentiators in Biostrap's offering is the Activity Classifier! Once you train the device to recognize exercises, you can record your workout sessions.

Prerequisite for starting a workout session

  • You must wear both wristband and activity pod to start the workout session.
  • Please make sure that you wear both the devices in the same manner as you did when you originally trained the gym exercises. Any variation (left-side vs. right-side OR wristband wrapped left-to-right Vs. right-to-left) would result in misclassification of the exercise.

Starting a workout session

  • Click on the "Record" tab
  • Choose the "Workout" option and click "Start".
  • Perform your gym activity.
  • You can perform any combination of cardio and gym exercises.
  • Once you are done with your workout, click the “Stop Workout” button

Data from wristband and activity pod will be synced with your Biostrap mobile app. Make sure that your phone is near your wristband and the activity pod so that connection between is not lost.

Your workout data will be analyzed by the server and the result of your workout will appear in the dashboard, as shown below.

Important things to note:

  • If your workout session consists of gym exercises and you want Biostrap to recognize and record these exercises,  you must first create and train all exercises.
  • If your workout session consists of only cardio exercises, you don’t need to train those cardio exercises. 

Biostrap automatically recognizes following cardio exercises:

  • Outdoor Walking/Running
  • Treadmill Walking/Running
  • Elliptical
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Outdoor Cycling
  • Stair Stepper