Your Biostrap wristband and activity pod can track your daily biometrics and activities.

The Wristband records your steps, sleep, calories burned, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate and blood oxygen saturation.

Biostrap's clinical-grade PPG (or heart rate) sensors in the wristband capture a highly detailed view of your heartbeat waveform.

This collected information will be available to you on your mobile device, and can be shared with a doctor or trainer with our Remote Monitoring feature!

With our standard sleep tracking, Biostrap auto-detects sleep data and displays:

  • Sleep Score -  The quality of today’s sleep session with respect to the quality of your sleep sessions over the last 3 to 30 days
  • Sleep Stages Graph (awake, light, sleep)
  • Graph of disturbances (none, mild, moderate, severe)
  • List of Time spent in Bed, Awake, Light Sleep, Deep Sleep
  • Number of awakenings
  • Display of sleep onset and wakeup time
  • Daily View: Biometrics graphs showing Resting HR, SpO2, HRV, Respiratory Rate for that sleep session
  • Weekly, Monthly, Annual views: Graphs of Movement Trends (none, mild, moderate, severe), SpO2 Trends (good, fair, low, poor)

We do not detect or diagnose any diseases or illnesses.

The Activity Pod is useful for tracking activities and can be used in conjunction with the Wristband for full-body motion analysis. It provides three main functionalities:

  • Activity Classification - The activity pod crucial for recording work outs with our activity classification feature -
  • Sleep Lab - Record leg movements when wearing the ankle strap to sleep while sleeping with our optional subscription -
  • Step Counting - We recommend choosing the option to use the activity pod for counting steps, as it does a better job of counting passive steps than the wristband.