Training an exercise immediately after creating it

  • After a new exercise is created, you will land on the following page.
  • Click on TRAIN NOW

Training an exercise with was created previously

Go to Account page by clicking on Account tab.

  1. Click on My Exercise Library 
  • Exercises which are not trained will have "Not Trained" appended to the exercise name
  • Click on the “…” three dots next to the untrained exercise.
  • Click on Train
  1. Re-Training an exercise with was trained previously

If any one of your exercises gets misclassified every time, it may be because you might not have trained it properly. You may want to retrain that exercise again.

Steps to retain an exercise

  • Go to Account Page
  • Click on My Exercise Library
  • From the list of your exercises, locate the one which you want to retrain.
  • Click on “…” three dots, next to that exercise name.
  • Click on Re-Train.

Starting of the training session

  • The app will show you a 5 seconds’ countdown. Get into position for your exercise.
  • After the 5 seconds’ countdown, you will have 60 seconds to perform your exercise. 

Here are some of the tips to ensure that your exercise gets training properly

  • You do not have to train for the entire minute -- you can end the training at any time. What is important is that you make sure you do 8-12 reps with consistent and repetitive movements when training. 
  • If the exercise requires weights, try to add only a small amount of weight. We found that it's better to add a small resistance instead of trying to perform the exercise in the air.
  • If you can do well beyond 12 reps, then more is better.
  • Make sure the wristband and shoeclip are fastened securely. Your devices should not wiggle around while moving.
  • If you are having trouble training an exercise, please make sure you follow the tips above.  If you are still having issues, shoot over an email to and we'll assist you right away.

If you have done these three steps but still have no luck, we recommend trying again later.