On-demand biometric recordings are great for taking a snapshot of your health at any given moment in time.

It is important to keep in mind that you DO NOT need to do biometrics recordings throughout the day, as we take readings several times an hour automatically. 

This is only useful for when you want to gather data at any specific time during the day, much like how you would at a doctor's office when taking your pulse or blood pressure.

Pulse Reports are also good to see how a specific intervention may have impacted your neurophysiology. For example: before and after an ice bath, meditation or a massage. 

The Biostrap Pulse Report will measure resting heart rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, stress index, artery age, arterial elasticity and peripheral elasticity.

To run a report, go to the Record page and check "Email me report" under Biometrics, select one of the two options and select "Record".

Pulse Report (2-minute scan)

Comprehensive Pulse Report (5-minute scan)

Best practice for recording a Pulse Report:

  • It is important to stay as still and calm as possible to get the most accurate reading.
  • Prevent outside light from interfering (you can cover your wristband with your sleeve or a piece of clothing)
  • After the recording is complete, data will synchronize from the wristband to your phone. Please make sure your phone is near your wristband so that connection between phone and wristband will remain strong and secure.
  • After syncing is done, your data will be analyzed in the cloud by our servers.
  • Shortly after that, the results of your biometric recording will be presented, as shown below. If any of the biometric matrix could not be captured, it will be shown as “- -“.

The Pulse Report Results will display on your screen inside the Biostrap app after processing is done. They are also saved in your Timeline and are emailed in a PDF file to the email address you provided prior to the Pulse Report recording. This email functionality makes it easy to share the report with your healthcare provider or loved ones.

Note: To capture adequate amount of data for accurate analysis, make sure to let the recording run for at least 2 minutes and don't stop it early. Heart rate needs at least 30 seconds. Heart Rate Variability needs at least 1 minute and Respiratory Rate and Oxygen Saturation need at least 2 minutes.