Biostrap can be made to learn any repetitious activity.

With our wristband-shoeclip pairing, Biostrap provides comprehensive data unmatched by other wearable products on the market. We monitor heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, heart rate variability, and sleep. We’re also really excited about our activity classification. We can automatically track reps, consistency and duration of any repetitive exercises from squats to presses, and everything in-between!

For the first time, Biostrap will ask you name that particular exercise and then perform few reps under a span of 60 seconds. Biostrap will record your body movements while you train Biostrap for this exercise.

Next time, Biostrap will automatically detect this exercise, whenever performed by you during Workout Mode.

It's important to note that we auto-recognize running, walking, elliptical, rowing,  stair stepper.

The Biostrap is NOT waterproof and does not track swimming.

The 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope in the Biostrap wristband allows tracking of your hands in 3D space using 6 dimensions.