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How long does the Biostrap Kairos' battery last?
How long does the Biostrap Kairos' battery last?
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A full battery charge may last up to 8 days.

The PPG sensor in Kairos utilizes more energy when used on skin with higher melanin content or tattoos; hence the battery may last closer to 6 days as opposed to 8 days.

The Vital Science App will send push notifications as well as in-app notifications when the Kairos' battery goes below 20% and 10%.

To be safe and ensure the device battery lasts throughout the night, please make sure the battery is more than 20% charged before going to sleep.

To ensure optimal battery performance, AVOID letting your Kairos device to drain completely to 0% and leaving it uncharged for more than a month. Doing so will eventually cause the device to reach a point where it cannot be charged anymore.

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